The Holy Bible  The official LDS translation (KING JAMES) of the HOLY BIBLE   Old Testament New Testament

Book of Mormon  One of the official scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Book of Mormon is a volume of scripture relating God's dealings with ancient people in the Americas, in much the same way that the Bible is a record of God's dealing with people in one region of the Old World. With the Bible, the Book of Mormon is a second witness, confirming the validity of Biblical doctrine and verifying the divinity of Jesus Christ through the inspired words of other sheep in Christ's fold (see John 10:16).

The Book of Mormon is a complex book covering a variety of historical, religious, political, and military events in a variety of ancient communities. Much of the Book of Mormon deals with descendants of a man named Lehi, a 6th century B.C. prophet who lived in the Jerusalem area but was warned by the Lord to flee the area with his family and several other people. They would eventually be guided on a dangerous journey to the New World where a small civilization would be founded. The sacred history kept by his descendants covers a span of 600 B.C. to 400 A.D.


 Doctrine and Covenants  Official scripture of the LDS church containing revelations given to the prophet Joseph Smith, the first Prophet, seer, revelator to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With some current additions from his successors.

The Doctrine and Covenants was first published in 1835 as a later version of the Book of Commandments, which had been partially printed in 1833. This earlier book contained 65 early revelations by church leaders including Joseph Smith, Jr. and Oliver Cowdery. Before many copies of the book could be printed, however, the printing press and most of the printed copies were destroyed by a mob in Missouri.

On September 24, 1834 a committee was appointed by the general assembly of the church to organize a new volume containing the most significant Latter Day Saint revelations. This committee of Presiding Elders, consisting of Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams, began to review and revise numerous revelations for inclusion in the new work. The committee eventually organized the book into two parts: a "Doctrine" part followed by a "Covenants" part.

The "Doctrine" part of the book consisted of a theological course now called the Lectures on Faith. The Lectures were a series of doctrinal courses used in the School of the Prophets which had recently been completed in Kirtland, Ohio. According to the committee, these Lectures were included in the compilation "in consequence of their embracing the important doctrine of salvation." (See 1835 D&C, Preface.) more... more...

Pearl of Great Price  Official scripture of the LDS church containing a translation of ancient papyrus given to Joseph Smith.
The Pearl of Great Price is a selection of choice materials touching many significant aspects of the faith and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These items were produced by the Prophet Joseph Smith and were published in the Church periodicals of his day.

The Pearl of Great Price contains five sections: Selections from the Book of Moses, The Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith-Matthew, Joseph Smith-History and The Articles of Faith. The Book of Moses and Joseph Smith Matthew are portions of the Book of Genesis and the Book of Matthew (respectively) from the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. Joseph Smith-History is a first-person narrative of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s life before the founding of the church. The Articles of Faith are a concise listing of thirteen fundamental doctrines of Mormonism composed by Joseph Smith, Jr. as part of a 1842 letter sent to "Long" John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat.

The Book of Abraham results from papyri which were bought by Smith, which he claims to have translated. This translation became a book dealing with Abraham's journeys in Egypt, containing many distinctive Mormon doctrines such as exaltation. Considerable controversy surrounds the surviving papyri claimed as the source for the translation of the Book of Abraham.

The Book of Moses and Book of Abraham accounts have been compared to Life of Adam and Eve and other Jewish Pseudepigrapha due to some similarities, including accounts of Adam and Eve's temptation and life after leaving the Garden of Eden.

The original contents of the book were slightly different, reproducing material found in the Doctrine and Covenants and a poem entitled "Oh Say What is Truth?" (which is now found in the LDS hymnal). In 1878 some material from the Book of Moses was added. The Pearl of Great Price was canonized in 1888. In 1902 the material reproduced in the Doctrine and Covenants was removed. Two other documents, now found as Doctrine and Covenants 137 and 138, were added to the Pearl of Great Price in 1976 and moved to their current location in 1979.  (NOT an Official Church website) An online bible resource offering many translations of the old and new testament. This includes the LDS translation under the advanced search.



This is not an official website of, and in no way represents The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We make NO CLAIM that any of the activities listed on this website are official activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, although some of their activities may be listed here.  All events and activities posted on this website are simply announced in hope that the religious values and standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be upheld. We do not monitor any of these activities.  If you are interested in official activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints please refer to your ward/stake website listed at

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